【dollremi】長袖織錦長衫 Long sleeve Brocade Cheongsam (OB0159) 【dollremi】長袖織錦長衫 Long sleeve Brocade Cheongsam (OB0159) 適合尺寸 suitable size : OB11 全套包括 including : 長衫 Cheongsam 長褲 Trousers Product #: dollremi-【dollremi】長袖織錦長衫 Long sleeve Brocade Cheongsam (OB0159) 2024-02-08 Regular price: $HKD$230.0 Available from: dollremi.storeIn stock I love this Cheongsam for my doll & I'm so happy I was able to get the last blue. But I don't mind getting the other white color because it is very well made. Hope you can add something like this in the near future. Or other clothes for Nendroid dolls! The shipping transactions were super fast too! It arrived only 5days to my door step even for international shipping. :) Thank you very much!! 5 1 5 1 1 5 1 5.0