【dollremi】Cos 狼與辛香料 ~赫蘿 Sping Log ~ Horo (DD0598) 包括: 上衣 / 裙子 / 頸飾 /腰帶 Including : Top / Skirt / Necklace / Belt Product #: dollremi-【dollremi】Cos 狼與辛香料 ~赫蘿 Sping Log ~ Horo (DD0598) 2024-06-09 Regular price: $HKD$690.0 Available from: dollremi.storeIn stock I'm very satisfied with this set. It fits my smartdoll (S size) as good as clothes from the smartdoll store. Allows to use original stands. The skirt is made of two pieces and fastens with a zipper. The top is also made of two pieces like two shirts stitched together. It fastens with buttons and can be easily put on without detaching doll's head or messing hairs. The belt looks kinda flat but it's hollow so I'm just going to put something inside. The necklace's bag is empty, it looks also flat and weightless. it's sewn up so will be not so easy to fill but still possible. Now it remains to find the shoes, ears and tail. 5 1 5 1 1 5 1 5.0