5577354232987648 dollremi.hk 【dollremi】Cos 美少女戰士~Sailor Neptune (海王美智瑠)(DD0140) 全套包括(including ): 頭飾(headdress ) 頸圈(necklace ) 手套(gloves) 水手服(dress ) 注意:Smartdoll 和 DD 尺寸的主要是手套不同,謝謝(Smartdoll 手套手指沒有分開的) Note: The main dimensions of Smartd Product #: dollremi-【dollremi】Cos 美少女戰士~Sailor Neptune (海王美智瑠)(DD0140) 2022-10-20 Regular price: $HKD$580.0 Available from: dollremi.hkIn stock The quality of the design, materials and built is just amazing, its probably one of the best doll accessories i've ever seen I ran into an issue when putting it on on a DD3, The waist size of the dress is way too narrow to pass the hips, the material is not elastic enough and the sewing too sturdy to make it easy. After struggling for a long while i force it pass through but it was way too hard Maybe removing the doll's legs would make the process easier but i think that you shouldn't need to disassemble the doll to put some clothes on it 5 1 5 1 1 5 1 5.0