5259801080758272 dollremi.hk 【dollremi】COS Fate ~ Saber Bride 尼禄花嫁 Ver.1 (DD0507) COS Saber Bride 尼禄花嫁 Ver.1 (DD0507) Suitable for the following size (以下尺寸可穿) DD3 ( L ) Bust 全套包括 including 頭飾 Headdress 頸圈 Necklace 長袖緊身衣 Long sleeve Product #: dollremi-【dollremi】COS Fate ~ Saber Bride 尼禄花嫁 Ver.1 (DD0507) 2021-10-31 Regular price: $HKD$1900.0 Available from: dollremi.hkIn stock Compared to the previous limited DD Nero Bride outfit, by a Japanese atelier this outfit stands up very well indeed, and updates the look in line with FATE:Grand Order illustrations. The main catsuit is of heavy fabric, with good stretch, that will fit M and L bust DDs easily, without looking deformed. The only minor negative is that the veil does not fit well (or at all) on Saber's bun wig. However, with a normal wig, it creates the look needed, and sits close to the back of the head. 5 1 5 1 1 5 1 5.0